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                  Rich experience

                  Based on the Japanese management technology, we have established a one-stop service team from packaging material supply to automatic packaging processing.

                  Rich experience


                  Advanced equipment

                  We have an experienced management team and production employees and advanced packaging machinery and facilities.

                  Advanced equipment


                  Excellent team

                  We have more than 2 hundreds of employees in our packaging team, and our business engaged in research, development, design, packaging, printing and manufacture of all kinds of packaging products.

                  Excellent team


                  The material we used

                  All the material that we used is food safety grade PE, they are applicable for foodstuff packaging and its finish is safety and in high quality performance. The classic quality comes from the high quality raw material.

                  The material we used
                  More professional

                  More professional

                  Make your product easier to receive

                  Advanced technical equipment

                  Professional technicians

                  Industry leader

                  Many styles, but for the best preparation

                  More kind

                  More kind

                  Let your products more soft and gain greater recognition

                  Pre-sales service

                  Follow up personnel

                  Environmentally friendly materials

                  Right price

                  More intimate

                  More intimate

                  Let your products get the biggest guarantee

                  Tailored for you

                  Punctual delivery

                  Good after-sales service is not annoying

                  As long as you need, we'll be there

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